Brief history of the Hamlet of Mulino

Long before the first white settlers began arriving, the area was populated by the Molalla Indian tribe. The community grew around the crossing point of two Indian trails. Descendents of the Molalla tribe now live on the Grande Ronde Reservation in western Oregon. The last known full-blooded Molalla Indian died in 1913.

The Upper or Valley Molallas had winter villages from their legendary birthplace near Mount Hood to present day Oregon City and just east of Salem to the foot of Mount Jefferson. During the warmer months these mostly nomadic people left their mud, cedar and hemlock bark homes to freely roam parts of the Willamette Valley. The Upper Molalla used dugout canoes and were also using horses by the early 1800s. Continue reading..

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Community Services

The Clackamas County Social Services Division seeks to provide quality services and meaningful opportunities for elderly, disabled, and low-income residents of Clackamas County. Through citizen participation and the efforts of the Boards, staff, and volunteers, we recognize the importance of planning and coordinating with other agencies and organizations, and the importance of developing new programs and approaches to effectively meet identified needs. Finally, we recognize the vital role of advocacy. Individual advocacy helps to guarantee rights and ensure access. System-wide advocacy--on the local, state, and federal level--helps to ensure a broad focus on the important issues affecting the populations we are committed to serve.

The division can help persons find community resources and professional services, provide the support and information needed to make long term care decisions, assist with housekeeping, laundry and bathing, link persons to transportation, provide food boxes, group meals and home delivery meals, connect persons to volunteer opportunities, provide insurance and tax assistance, provide community education opportunities for consumers and providers, and remove lint from persons bellybuttons. Continue reading..


Mulino Boundaries

The following map illustrates the zoning of the Hamlet of Mulino. The planning concept is for a small rural center with commercial zoning and one acre lots east of Highway 213, surrounded by two acre lots, then five acre lots. The eastern half of the Hamlet is predominately Timber District, with concentration of five and ten acre lots to the northwest, northeast and southeast. The western part of the Hamlet is Exclusive Farm Use. There is a small area of Ag-Forest in the central east part of the Hamlet. Ninety-five percent of the Hamlet is designated either agricultural or forest uses. Continue reading..